He is my hero

This is a complete God's Miracle

We went to the clinic for blood tests just about every other week. They would show the cancer advancing from 70% all the way to mid 80%. It was in December, close to Christmas. “You can go home and enjoy her for another week” we were told by the doctor. We left the hospital and we were wishing the sky would fall. I was driving the car and my wife was sitting on the back sit with my daughter. “Mommy, why are you crying? – she asked my wife – don’t you have a Bible? “I have it in my purse” said my wife. “Give to me!” she commended. She took the Bible and opened in the Old Testament. My wife was trying to have her open in the New Testament, thinking it would be more relevant. “No here”, and she put her little pointing finger on the thin page of the Bible. Her finger was on the verse from 1 Kings 17:14 “For thus saith the LORD God of Israel, The barrel of meal shall not waste, neither shall the cruse of oil fail, until the day that the LORD sendeth rain upon the earth.” We understood then that the oil and the meal meant the good blood in Stephanie’s system and we calmed down and we continued to believe in the miracle God has promised us.

Stephanie begun the relapse treatment on January of 2003. We thought that while waiting for Joshua to be born, we’d start the new relapse chemo since she would have to go to intense chemo before transplant anyway. The new treatment was extremely harsh on her. We would got to the hospital well and come back home feeling miserable. We came home one day and she was feeling so bad, she throw herself on the floor and she said: “Dady, how come anytime I go to the Hospital I feel good and when I come home I feel so bad? Just let me die!” We look nameless at her. She was right. What can be worst in the world than to see your child suffering and not be able to help it.

One time during this treatment we thought we lost her. She was so close to death. We were in the hospital, my wife was about 8 months pregnant. She had a huge dose of chemo overnight and the needle that was connecting her port on her chest with the tubs connected with the pump which was administering the liquid chemo, slipped between the skin and the catheter. All the liquid was pumped under the skin instead of her vein. She was swollen like a ball. She was in such a pain that they had to administer her morphine to alleviate the suffering. She had such a bed reaction from these two combinations: chemo and morphine that she could not stand up. She could not tie two words together and she had all kind of hallucinations. The family came at the hospital. Her best friends and her cousins came to her and she would not recognize them. We thought that we were witnessing the End of Journey on earth.

Joshua was born in mid March. I witnessed the birth. While one of the nurses was busy clearing his airways the doctor was busy extracting the blood from the umbilical cord. He had to follow special procedures instructed by the specialists from a California Blood Special Storing facility where the blood was to be shipped overnight for special tests and preparations. He extracted about 200 cc plus he filled two extra test-tubes for the Doernbecher Children Hospital where she was going to have the bone marrow transplant. We packed the blood into special packaging we shipped it after my brother in law, Vasile Cinpean, who is a pastor as well, blessed with a special prayer.

We found out on Monday March 24, 2003, from the preliminary tests, that my daughter Stephanie is going to be able to have a bone marrow transplant. Her donor was her newborn baby brother Joshua. Joshua was born Monday night, March 17. Even before he was born, Stephanie called him “My hero”. We could only hope and pray that this would be true, that her newborn brother would be a match for a transplant. Tuesday, March 25th we got the final tests results from OHSU Dornbecher Children’s Hospital.

These test results revealed our highest hopes; Joshua was a 100% perfect match! The chances for him to be a perfect match were quite slim: less than 25%, but with God’s help this chances increased over 100% Stephanie is the most talented little girl I know, and I’m not saying that just because I am her father. She fills the house with her beautiful voice singing many songs all by herself. Stephanie is also very smart. She is always asking questions and knows many things. She is a wiz at the computer, knowing how to use it better than a majority of adults. She speaks two languages: Romanian and English perfectly, and she does not mix them up. Steph is also astonishingly mature for her age, you can speak to her as an adult, she has the maturity, and wisdom to listen and reply just like one.

She is a real gift from God, a gift that we struggled to get and now are fighting to keep. While my wife was pregnant with Stephanie she had five car accidents, not one or two, but five. Never before had my wife had any car accidents. Satan was really trying to kill her and along with her the baby inside, Stephanie. Satan soon realized that he could not kill Stephanie in her mother’s womb. Nonetheless, he never gave up; he has been trying to take her away from us ever since she was 18 months old and diagnosed with cancer. I believe that God has a well-established plan for us. He really touched and continues to touch many hearts with her story. There were many prayers going on for Stephanie, this was the power that kept us going, this was the power that kept her alive. We all need prayers in our lives. The fight for us is over. The transplant was extremely risky, but God was in our side.

Stephanie never returned to the hospital, just for her yearly checkups. All her tests are completely clear of any cancer. She is a normal child. I take her to school every morning and I watch her entering the school gate and I still thing I see and angel on earth.

She almost forgot about the whole ordeal. It's been a while now, almost 5 years. Life goes on, we have almost recovered financially and we feel the Love of God flowing through so many blessings. She sings in church her favorite songs and she enjoys life along with her brother Joshua and her parents and friends. She likes school very much. She enjoy reading, which is her favorite activity. At one point she was the best in her class at it, winning the Gladiator Title.